A Summer Suit For Men

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One type of suit that is VERY Summerish is the seersucker suit. Recently I was in a suit store and I saw a baby blue and white pinstripe seersucker suit jacket with a navy grosgrain trim. I desperately wanted to purchase this suit, but I realized that I had no where to go with it.

Guys should own three suits that they can pull out of the closet when necessary. They should own a black suit, a navy blue suit and a grey suit. They should also own at least two pair of shoes, black and brown. A seersucker suit would be your fashion suit and you can have as many of them as you want. A seersucker suit is also a summer suit, because most of them are pinstriped with one spring/summer stripped color and the other being an off-white stripe.

Many guys might think that a seersucker is out of their comfort zone, but what I have learned is that having confidence will break through that uncomfortable feeling. With that said don’t go buying some flashy suit that will make people stare for the wrong reason.

Seersucker suits come in different colors so you have to make sure you select the right color for you. We have selected a few suits that we think will make you stand out just enough to get you that second stare. You guys know what I am talking about!

Blue and White Pinstriped Seersucker Blazer

This first blazer is the one I was talking about at the beginning of this post, the blue and white pinstriped seersucker jacket with a grosgrain trim. What I like about this blazer is that it can be worn with jeans, blue pants, maybe even white pants if your daring. The trim on the blazer is a great finish giving it a nice distinction between formal and informal.

The second suit is a gray and white seersucker suit. Because grey and white pretty much go with anything, you have many options with this suit. We found that this guy selected a red bow-tie and red handkerchief to insert in his blazer pocket. The red does stick out but it doesn’t take anything away from the suit, it all compliments one another.

Black and White Seersucker Suit

The next suit is a green and white seersucker suit. This is probably one of those suits that guys might stay away from because it is not your typical suit color, but rest assure that this is a suit that will definitely get you compliments. This is a great suit for any formal or informal event. You can even wear this with a pair of nice tennis shoes. The possibility is endless.

Finally, it is the the typical seersucker, light brown with white. I think this is the most common seersucker suit that most men might wear. It is a simple conservative suit. You can wear this with an open collar and a nice pair of Sperry’s and call it a day. Overall the seersucker suit is your summer suit for 2013. So if your looking to find something to wear for that upcoming wedding or event, you found the answer. Have fun!