Weddings in Russia, Prague



When visiting a foreign city, it really is best to embrace the food and drink of the region as well for a full, immersive effect. Czech cuisine developed with German, Hungarian, Polish, and Austrian influences, and although one doesn’t instantly envision luxury fare when thinking of cuisines from those countries, rest assured that there are some spectacular dishes to be found.

With your wedding planner’s help, see if you can set aside some time to chat with some local caterers, even just via the phone or a Skype chat. Traditional Czech fare is centred around meat, so if you have vegetarian and vegan guests, a special menu will have to be created for them.

If you decide to go with regional cuisine, you can expect a robust soup, likely made with mushrooms and root vegetables, a selection of salads, roasted meats such as boar, venison, or duck (with exquisite sauces), and a wide variety of side dishes. Desserts are exquisite as well, so you’ll have many to choose from to complement your wedding cake.

Although the traditional Czech wedding cake is a “ring cake”, there are many fabulous bakeries around the city that can handle anything you’d request of them. A cake decorated with your signature damask pattern would look lovely, and you can also have red velvet, dark chocolate, and vanilla cake pops on the dessert table to mirror your wedding palette.

Alcohol flows very freely in Prague, so you’ll have no shortage of beers, wines, liqueurs, and other delectable beverages to enjoy. There’s always a great selection of coffee and teas available as well, and non-alcoholic drinks such as juices, nectars, and sparkling waters in addition to the libations above will keep guests of all ages happy ’til late into the night.

Prague Wedding Dance

For take-away gifts, you can consider holding to the rose theme by packing individual rose soaps in tiny damask boxes, or – if you have a generous budget to work with – give each guest a miniature rosebush that they can plant in their own gardens to remember you by.

Gifts for bridesmaids can include rose-scented personal care products (body lotion, bubble bath, etc.), while groomsmen might like to receive engraved flasks to hold their Becherovka.

When it comes to departing, let your guests shower you with rose petals from damask velvet or printed paper cones instead of confetti or rice, and let that horse-drawn carriage take you for a ride around the city to enjoy it by moonlight, before finally arriving at your hotel.

If you’re staying at one of the upscale spa locales, like Chateau Mcely, have your matron of honour/best man ensure that there’s champagne waiting for you when you arrive, so you can wind down from the evening with a bottle of bubbly, and your beloved.